🇫🇷 The best Café-au-lait in Dreamy Franche-Comté

Diary Entry

I leave my idyllic campsite by the lake early in the morning in search of a decent breakfast. The closest place nearby is a small town called Luxeuil-les-Bains. The town is in the southwestern foothills of the Vosges in what was formerly Franche-Comté. I put it in my navigation app and cruise through the fields.

The world is still asleep.

No one is out on the streets yet. I stop at a small town just before Luxeuil-les-Bains. There is a lovely little church in Saint-Sauveur which is worth a quick stop.

Then it’s time for my coffee. For that I have to go to the city where the rush hour has just started. With a little more than 6000 inhabitants, this is limited.

I leave the tiger in front of one of the historic buildings in the old town. Later I find out that it is the Maison du cardinal Jouffroy. The cardinal doesn’t mind.

I stroll to the center. The houses look old, but everything is neat and clean.

The town is small and I’ve never heard of it before. But it looks like the backdrop from a French film that wants to serve all clichés.

Flower shops in old buildings, patisseries and cafes. The sun is shining and the flags of France are flapping in the wind.

I find the nice, but poolry named “Café Français” on Rathausplatz and order a couple of croissants and coffee with milk. My French is at least sufficient for simple conversations in the restaurant.

I enjoy the atmosphere and the pure French life around me. There are no tourists except me. Then I move on and look for a route to Burgundy and the city of Dijon.

There are no tourists here. I like that.

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