Dear Diary

We safely crossed the big Rio Mamore, but unfortunately we didn’t see any river dolphins. We stay overnight in San Ignacio de los Moxos on the public beach of nearby Lake Isireri. I walk down the jetty with Leon and meet a couple with two small children. But the people are not very interested in the exchange between the children or our origins and soon leave us alone.

On a bench I see a young man with a T-shirt full of imprints of German companies, apparently on the occasion of a sporting event. I ask about the origin and whether it comes from a German friend. The young man doesn’t really want to talk to me either and keeps it very short. We struggle with the heat and mosquitoes in the car for a long time until we finally get some sleep.

Uninvited visitors come during the night. There is a knock and two young people are standing outside next to a motor scooter. One claims to be from the police and asks why we are standing here in the dark and wants to see our IDs. I decline and say we sleep. It’s the middle of the night and they should come back in the morning if they want to see our IDs.

The guy keeps trying but I insist it’s the middle of the night and not the time for checks but for sleep. Eventually, the two pull away, but Sara is shocked and scared. But the night is quiet now.

Jesuit missions were founded at the end of the 17th century by the Spanish Society of Jesus with the aim of evangelizing the region. Those of Chiquitos were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990.

Moxos itself has a particularly impressive church to offer. As you can see from the name of the city, this is also a former Jesuit mission. The church is large and beautifully painted. Unfortunately we can’t go in. All churches are normally closed unless there is a service.

Then we’ll just go shopping. There is actually a tiny supermarket with real shopping trolleys where we buy some groceries for the way. We are at the end of our journey through the jungle. Starting tomorrow we’re going to the mountains. Finally we get to know the mighty Andes.

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