🇮🇸 The Place to Write a Book – The Fiord of Berunes

Diary Entry

In the fjords of the east coast we come across the ruins of a Viking village. Only up close does the idyllic village emerge as a paper mache backdrop for a Netflix production. Next door is a serious-looking military base.

Puffin as a starter

In larger meadows or wetlands we see large groups of geese again and again – the geese that we usually know from the view out of the window and above our roofs when they migrate north in large flocks as migratory birds. It is nice to visit you here at your destination.

Other birds are less fortunate in their home. On the menus here there are even the cute puffins as a starter …

The Berunes Hostel is lonely on the banks of a fjord. The nicest hostel of the trip is hidden in the rooms of a lovingly restored farm.

When we arrive we are the only guests and the owner invites us to our first Brennivin. That we return the favor with a good scotch is a matter of honor!

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