Dear Diary

We leave our cozy accommodation in Berunes. At least since we left the imposing Seljalandsfoss and Skodafoss waterfalls behind, we hardly see any other people. Only now and then does a car come towards us or we see a car parked somewhere on the edge.

It is not surprising that the wilderness in the east fjords has more fauna to offer. We can see a particularly large number of reindeer again and again. Whole herds graze not far from the road or gallop in the countryside. You don’t seem particularly shy, but keep your distance.

There are again many waterfalls to see and visit. Slowly a certain weariness sets in. We see such unbelievable landscapes and especially spectacular waterfalls that we sometimes don’t turn around when one of us points to another, quite impressive waterfall. There are just too many.

During a hike we meet an older German couple. They tell us about whale watching trips in the town of Húsavik in the north. This is old hat for me, I have already seen whales in New Zealand and Alaska and I would rather save the money. But then the man says they saw a blue whale. A blue whale! The biggest animal that ever lived! That sounds like something very special. Apparently you also go out on a sailing ship. The plan is perfect and agreed.

The man has another tip for us. In a tiny harbor in the north there is the possibility to see puffins on the mainland. The cute birds usually only nest on remote islands. Another plan.

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