Diary Entry

We can see Ingaparca again in the sunlight, then we continue. But after a short time the weather changes and we drive through the low clouds. You can not see anything. Not even a car in front of you and an oncoming vehicle only when it is in front of you.

I turn on every light my car has and even use the hazard lights. Oncoming vehicles do the same. Nobody would do that in Peru.

Day 2 without a Breakdown

According to reports, the route is said to be very spectacular and we want to take a break at the Nariz del Diablo, the devil’s nose. But the devil has a cold and we drive on. Once we have a clear view we can look down into the deep valleys. In the afternoon we reach Alausi.

The city is in the middle of the mountains and a statue of Christ towers over the houses. A railway line runs through the city. The trains look very old. We spend the night in our cars on a street.

The town is small and there is not much going on. The mountains dominate. This is the right area for observing the condor. It takes time, patience and a babysitter. So unfortunately we don’t see a Condor.

Maybe we’ll have better luck in the next few days. Tomorrow we come through the landscape of Sangay Volcano.

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