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Currency: Swedish Crown
Capital: Stockholm

Drink like a local: Homemade schnapps (everything else is too expensive)

Special facts:

  • Bread is sugared. Nobody can tell me why.
  • The Swedes all use first names.
  • The Swedes have abolished gender-specific terms such as “he” and “she” in their language.
  • The state owns everything. Even the land and the house, you only buy the exclusive right of use. There are no exorbitant rents.
  • Swedes love taking the ferry to Finland. Not because they are interested in the sea or Finland. But because of the tax-free alcohol on the high seas. That’s why things get very busy for many passengers on such a “normal” crossing.
  • The biggest festival of the year is Midsommar on June 21st. Then the children are allowed to stay awake all night and dance around a fire decorated with flowers.
  • Sweden has sea that is not salty! The Both Sea is connected to the Baltic Sea and thus the rest of the oceans, but so many rivers flow into it that the water hardly contains any salt.
  • The country is wide and has few inhabitants. With around 10 million inhabitants, only a few more people live in Sweden than in Switzerland. But in the Scandinavian country, 26 people can share one square kilometer.


The Scandinavian languages are quite similar to each other and there are also many parallels to German. The Swedes also speak excellent English.

  • Good day – God dag
  • Cheers- Skol
  • Where is the next Ikea? – Var är Ikea?
  • Do you have meat balls? – Har du köttbullar?


As in all Scandinavian countries, there is a crown with which payments are made. You can also get by everywhere with a credit card.

My lesson:

I have hardly experienced a country as relaxed as Sweden

Travel Diaries

If there’s nowhere else to go, at least there’s Sweden. The country does not promise the highest excitement, but a lot of nature in which you can camp freely.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I find myself in a country that doesn’t close its borders. And despite a warm summer it is free of tourists.



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