🇸🇪 Uppsala and the Return to Civilization

Diary Entry

I’m traveling back towards Uppsala. I want to go to Färnebofjärdens National Park to hike one last time. I drive back to Gävle and get on the bus to Hedesunda. From there I hike the Gästikeleden long-distance hiking trail in the direction of the national park, from there to the south to the city of Tarnsjö with a connection to Uppsala. But the way from Hedesunda to Gysinge turns out to be very boring.

But Gysinge inspires with an impressive water landscape, a museum town center and its own brewery. It also turns out that cannonballs were produced in this place centuries ago, some of which my grandfather, as a civil engineer, pulled from equally historic buildings in the German city of Koblenz. This closes a cycle of history.

However, the weather is getting bad again and I decide to cancel the next stage and continue straight to Uppsala.

I want to spend a little more time in the beautiful student city and I am accepted by the equally beautiful Iman from Couchsurfing. It turns out that the young woman is not Swedish, but comes from Morocco and I am her first guest. She is extremely hospitable and guides me through the city. I will stay here three days.

Uppsala is also a very historic city. Soft hills are evidence of ancient Viking palaces. Normally, the city should also be full of preparations for the midsummer festival, but this year there is no Corona. The nightlife in the city is not affected by this precaution and the bars and streets are full. Only the long queues in front of the exclusive liquor stores (there is no alcohol to buy in the supermarket) give reason to suspect that a bigger party might be coming up.

After a nice time in Uppsala I return to my friends Dirk and his wife Ulli in the asylum, where I still store things. Dirk is happy and takes me on a hike in the area again. I relax a little and am happy about how warmly the family welcomes me.

I can return the favor a little with a few family photos before my trip is over and I return to Germany from the rebel nation.

Thank you for everything!

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