Diary Entry 1

What could be better than a breakfast of sandwich, red wine and a mocha … In the morning at 10 o’clock in Sofia.

Our accommodation is located in the heart of the Balkan city, which captivates with its charm and tells of a time when the cobblestones were still well-kept and the facades were freshly painted. Countless cafés and bars invite you to take a break. Sofia “the way” offers few major highlights and is still a city where you can feel good. Uwe and I organize our two nights in Sofia as a healthy mixture of a city walk and a culinary discovery tour and we experience the Bulgarian heart through our stomachs. And the kitchen is hearty when it comes to grilled vegetables, meat and stews. Bulgaria has a lot to offer here, which in hot temperatures can certainly give rise to an extended nap.

The most imposing building is by far the great Alexander-Newski-Cathedral, which is only 120 years old, but takes a visitor’s breath away from the outside and inside. The interior is dark, but every inch is painted and you get the feeling of being part of a huge painting yourself. Unfortunately, photography is not permitted in the church. The cathedral looks particularly impressive in the evening.

We treat ourselves to the luxury of several drinks in the expensive but great roof-top bar ” The Scene ” directly in front of the building with a view over the city to the mountains beyond and enjoy a fantastic sunset over the city.

Last but not least, we celebrate the beginning of our journey with excellent beer and charming service in the Crafter Bar.



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