🇸🇪 From Länna over Knutby to Gimo

Diary Entry

The next day we go in full and do thirty kilometers on the Ullandsleden from Länna to the small town of Knutby, where for my part I arrive very destroyed. I can hardly walk anymore. The route is very beautiful and varied, it goes through forests, clearings, fields and lakes.

Christian keeps running ahead and sometimes I only see him after an hour or two, where he is waiting for me.

The shops in Knutby are already closed and the only suitable place for camping is only behind a church. Christian shows his survival skills again and organizes three houses to eat for us.

The next day is just pain. The soles of the feet swell and blisters have positioned themselves in sensitive areas. Only with painkillers does it progress at a moderate pace. I hardly see Christian this day, the intervals are long. I only meet him at a lake in the afternoon. Apparently he got lost in between and had to come, so that we meet at a hut at about the same time.

This is in the middle of the forest, far from anywhere, on a lonely little lake. I take a nap and watch the water birds chasing fish. It is wonderful. Since my water is empty and there is no other way, my filter is used, which produces something yellow from the cloudy brown broth, but edible.

Lesson about Sweden : Bread
Swedes love to mix in their bread. The bread is soft, even if it looks crispy, and always contains a bit of sugar.

I only meet Christian in the next town Vällnora. It is already four in the afternoon and I assumed that our destination would be Beden Brok, not far away, where we could possibly find something to eat. But Christian gets angry and wants to run many more hours, which I reject. There is an argument and I suggest that we split up. He walks the way he wants, and I skip this part and make my way to the street to get from there to the next town and meet him there again.

Since the Upplandsleden is still only about 50 kilometers through the forest, where there is no way to get water and supplies, and our supplies are almost exhausted, I decide that this route is too risky at my speed. Christian does not agree and wants me to follow the path and we exchange our location. He doesn’t say what that should help and runs away without looking back. 

I walk four kilometers to the next country road to follow the signs to the city of Gimo for another six kilometers.

Off the road I find a campground in a clearing.




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