The Nightmare of Alcatraz

Dear Diary

A small ferry boat takes you to the small island with a perfect view of the city of San Francisco. One of the punishments that one must certainly endure in this prison was to be confined for decades but to see normal life before oneself.

We walk in the footsteps of some of the greatest felons the US has ever been allowed to hold. Including Al Capone, the well-known mafia boss.

Even without the black and white tint in front of your eyes, you immediately feel an oppression in this place. A desolation of isolation on this island away from life. Even if the city seems close, it was inaccessible for most of the inmates, because they would spend their entire lives in one of the cells. If the American Dream is reflected in San Francisco, then Alcatraz must be the nightmare.

Two people had to share a room in a confined space. One was not squeamish about punishment measures.

We leave the place again with a queasy stomach and remember it in black and white.

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