🇺🇸 California Feelings in Monterey

Diary Entry

We are drawn back to the west coast. A well-known place is Monterey. Even if it is a very small place, it has built up the reputation of a place of longing and, in addition to its romantic charm, is also known for its wildlife watching.

In fact, we also meet large sea lions right in the harbor, who watch us with their little eyes, bored.

The Marine Life Museum has even more to offer. Here we see everything that lives out there in front of us in the sea, which is rich in kelp and which is home to sea lions, fish, jellyfish, octopus, mussels, dolphins, sharks and much more.

Jani and I continue to explore the west coast. Endless beaches beckon to linger. But we don’t find many places to stay.

In the end we end up at an old lighthouse that has been converted into a youth hostel.

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