๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ Hard Escalation in the Thai Night Train


Diary Entry

At the end of our stay in Bangkok we make our way to the train station. Thailand does not have a large rail network, so the train station is not particularly crowded. The beautiful building bears witness to the art of the past century of combining steel and industry with aesthetics.

Before I leave, I explore the train station a bit more. A few guardsmen make it clear that criminals don’t stand a chance here. A few pictures of the royal family adorn the station concourse. Those waiting eagerly follow the television program on a huge flat screen.

We board the night train and find our bunks. The journey lasts all night. Only in the morning we will reach our next destination, Chiang Mai. When we’ve just settled into the bunks, which have a curtain that allows for some privacy, and I’m about to go to bed, Kevin comes running up excitedly. “There’s a disco on the train,” the Scot exclaims excitedly. Great, then we’ll go to the bar and have a drink.

On the night train to Chiang Mai

The “disco” consists of a darkened open-plan car, a small bar, tables and benches, is only illuminated with a little colored light and loudly plays a loop of seven pop songs that you can even dance to within a few square centimetres.

There is a disco on the train

It starts off harmlessly with a few beers. Then Kevin pours everyone whiskey. Then another. And one more.

We’re emptying the train’s entire whiskey supply

Apparently only the Scot and I drink. He lifts the bottle, I nod, he pours. I raise the bottle, he nods, I pour. This goes on until I ask why he doesn’t pour more. “That was the last bottle” replies Kevin. Alright. time to go to sleep

It’s only when I get up that I realize how drunk I am. The fact that the train and wagons are constantly moving doesn’t help either.

Drunk on the night train – a very bad idea

I’m so incredibly sick. While I spend most of my night in the disgusting train toilet, the others joke that it’s better not to have a drinking duel with a Scot.

Defeat Scotsman at Whiskey Drinking. Check!

I wake up the next day just before we reach Chiang Mai. So I still have enough time to pack my things. I don’t feel so bad after all the night was awful. At some point I fell asleep.

Hey, I’m fine again!

All step onto the Chiang Mai train platform. Everyone except Kevin. “Where’s Kevin?” asks Ian. Finally the Scot comes with his luggage and staggers down the stairs. Then he gets on his knees and throws up on the asphalt. A grin covers my face.



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