Diary Entry 12

We didn’t have this city on our agenda and I wasn’t aware of the beauty and history of Plovdiv. Only when Galina, whom we met in our accommodation in Sofia, was invited, did we decide to stay here. We also find a fantastic place to stay in this city, the ” Hostel Old Plovdiv “, an old town house in the heart of the old town, which has been rebuilt by a few courageous locals into beautiful accommodation. We can only reach the old town with our car by invitation, as a barrier strictly regulates who is allowed to put their tires on the old cobblestones.

We have an appointment with Galina and her friends on this wonderful summer evening and explore the city together. We learn that this city is one of the oldest metropolises in the world and that under the pedestrian zone there is a well-preserved Roman arena that can be admired between the shopping shelves of the basement of the department stores.

We also learn that the park has “singing fountains” ready. In the end we leave the old town and go to the girls’ hangout, an old fire station, where they order their favorite dishes for us, and end in a bar in the party mile, where there is local beer and music from the Berlin band Seeed from the loudspeakers. Galina’s friend Tanja brags that she can sing traditional Bulgarian melodies, but she doesn’t do that now because she would need guitar accompaniment. However, she does not expect how quickly I can actually organize a guitarist who agrees to help out. However, she is appalled that he has never heard these folk songs. Perhaps that explains why the performance isn’t as spectacular as hoped.

It’s a beautiful night. The first night in bars since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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