Diary Entry 11

Next, we decide to go to where we would have arrived after our crossing of the Pirin, namely the small but famous village of Melnik, which is famous for its wine. We are very lucky with the weather.

Even if it is always very hot at noon, tonight we have wonderful light again, which makes the pretty little place really glow.

We stroll through the town, let the drone up and find a restaurant with the best cuisine. The landlord offers us his own wine for dinner. Then he invites us to his wine cellar, hands us two glasses and shows us how to open the taps on the barrels. Then he just leaves us alone. We can’t help but laugh heartily at the fact that he made the goats the gardeners.

Of course, in this famous wine country, we also have to test the local wine at its place of manufacture. We drive to the Melnik winery and knock on the luxurious front door. They just seem to have been waiting for us. A nice young lady with an alternative outfit kindly invites us to take a tour of the production facility.

The production facility is very modern and extremely clean. In addition to the facilities, we also get to know the vault: a cellar system that allegedly only a man and his son are supposed to have excavated. The wooden barrels are stored there. The soil is special here as there is an extinct volcano not far from here.

Of course, we can also test the products at the end, for example a white applauz and a red Melnik 55. The area and the property don’t promise too much. Wine is something very special and we will remember it fondly.

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