Diary Entry

We are on the way to the city of Kutaisi. On the way we stop at a sight, the “Cave of Prometheus“. It is a huge stalactite cave,

which was perverted for tourists by stairs, railings, colorful lighting and style-typical monumental music to the amusement park, but is still no less impressive.

Prometheus’s cave

We reach Kutaisi and quickly find accommodation in a cafรฉ with internet access. Then we explore the city, dare to take an antique cable car over the washed-out river bed to the scruffy amusement park on the local mountain.

There isn’t much to experience there though; it seems like a lost place. We return after a light rain in the dark and marvel at the artfully colorfully illuminated bridges.


The accommodation suits us

We stop in an original Georgian restaurant in time when the world ends outside. A storm breaks out, objects fly through the streets and heavy rain begins, accompanied by lightning and thunder, which does not stop for hours and literally floods the city.

The streets are turning into rivers and the cars fighting their way through the masses of water are about to lose their grip under their wheels. With the finest Georgian wine we stare out the window and watch the catastrophe.

The host thinks we’re cool and gives us his best wine.

We’re just getting our food when the power goes out. Besides us there are only a few Georgians in the restaurant and it is immediately discussed wildly. A couple of smartphones are pulled out and the lights of the built-in flashlights dance around. Uli and I just reach into our pockets and pull out the headlamps, which allow us to enjoy our meal unmoved. They are the most delicious french fries I have ever eaten.

There is a lot of laughter and the other guests ask us where we are from. “Aaahhh, of course” echo the Georgians when they hear that we are Germans. Are there any prejudices? The light comes on again and a stout man comes to us. He introduces himself as the owner of the restaurant, asks about our trip and gives us his best wine.



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