Diary Entry

Next we want to go towards Ararat. The mountain, sacred to Christianity, is already in Turkey, but it overlooks the capital and the entire plain in which it lies. The direct route through a wooded area is unfortunately blocked by a national park. We have to take a long detour through a mountain range and rest on a plateau. From there we have an incredible view over the plain and the large and small Ararat. The ancient volcanoes only hide their tips in the clouds.

It smells incredibly good of the spices that grow here on the barren ground. I’m so fond of the smell that I pick a lot of it and take it with me. At sunset we eat gummy bears and drink chacha to our music. The air is warm and flavorful. In between, a light thunderstorm accompanied by a bit of drizzle provides some dramaturgy. It’s a wonderful mood.

We drive through the plain of the mountain. Shortly before the border with Turkey we reach the defense church in front of Ararat Khor Virap. The church is beautiful, but what makes it special is the picture-perfect location between vineyards and the epic mountain in the background.

We buy apricots and the cognac, which is also famous for Armenia, and start our journey south. We curve up numerous serpentines until we come to a pass at a height. To our surprise, there are four artillery pieces including police escorts.

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