Diary Entry

We leave the site of the Huacas and head to our lodging in Huanchaco, a small coastal town outside of Trujillo, for a two-day stay.

Huanchaco is a surfer’s paradise. Beach, waves, beach bars, clubs. With a lot going on in the city, Trujillo residents come to the beach to relax.

Only shops can hardly be found here. We stay three nights in the Huanchaco and also visit Trujillo from here. Leon enjoys the beach and happily pads through the wet sand with quick steps.

Day 7 without a Breakdown

I want to park the car in a guarded parking lot, but I can’t find anyone with space. The hostess assures me that the area is safe and I needn’t worry. When I want to go to bed there is a knock on the door and the hostess and a young man from the garage next door are standing in front of it.

A place has become free and I can go there now. It’s already dark and I’m tired, but then at least I don’t have to worry about whether the only place where they don’t warn me about nighttime burglaries will result in one.

Unfortunately, it’s dark in the garage and the young man doesn’t help much either, because I catch one of the other cars backwards. It’s not bad, but the next day I have to deal with the people at the garage and the owner of the damaged car.

We agree on a relatively cheap painting of the damage. In Germany, the entire bumper would have been replaced. Still, trouble again. Really annoying.

The Day of the Dead and All Saints’ Day is coming up and I was very excited to witness this event in Latin America. But apparently this tradition is very limited to Central America or even just Mexico.

In Peru, at any rate, Halloween is celebrated with fervor, children parade through the streets with their parents in witch costumes and the restaurants are decorated with cobwebs.

But Trujillo also has more history to offer. Having already visited the ancient Huacas of the ChimΓΊ it is now time for the capital of the ancient people: Chan Chan.

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