Diary Entry

It’s a long drive back to Seoul from the southern tip of Korea, but unfortunately Jun can’t pick us up again. No problem, there are enough hostels. The city is big enough that there is still a lot we can still see, because we still have a free afternoon on our trip to South Korea.

We roam a bit through the city and the futuristic center. Then we take the train to Suwon. The HwaseongFortress is waiting for us there.

The fortress has a lot to offer. We’ve hardly reached the gates when we are approached by an old man. He politely asks us where we are from and what we are doing in South Korea. When he hears that we are from Germany and are traveling to and getting to know South Korea, the man suddenly gets excited. I wonder what medication the man is taking.

He himself is Japanese and an ardent admirer of Hitler. He is happy to take us with us and shows us everything, not without emphasizing the unbelievable harmony between Japanese and Germans again and again.

To celebrate, Michael and I each have two bottles of makgeolli at noon and have fun with the Second World War grandpa.

We meet again with Jun and his girlfriend Miki and go for a drink. Michael wants to have another massage and later tells me, somewhat dismayed, that he was given the choice of designing his wellness with or without a “happy ending”.

We had many opportunities to shoot our own Gangnam Style-Video. Michael and I push ourselves to ever more daring locations. In the market, in front of the temple, in the subway. If we were shy at the beginning, it can’t be crazy enough at the end.

In the evening he leaves the room and disappears until I fall asleep. Unfortunately I don’t hear my boyfriend wanting to get back into the room at night but can’t as he doesn’t have a key and has to spend part of the night on the doorstep.

Finally, unfortunately, it’s that time again. The study tour in South Korea is over and we drive out to Incheon, South Korea’s major international airport. Our flight is via Doha and we don’t pass up the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Qatar on a sleepless journey.



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