Dear Diary

We get to Tongyeong from Busan by bus after a two-hour drive. There is something special to see here: turtle ships. The armored boats stood up to the Japanese invaders in the Middle Ages and there is nothing comparable to these designs anywhere in the world.

Actually, the plan should be simple: get dropped off at the central bus station, take the bus to the port and look at the living exhibits. But we’re doing something wrong. No bus wants to take us.

We wait and wait and wait. All buses with the number we were given pass the stop we were given. One bus even turns off its display just before we do, only to turn it back on shortly thereafter. What do they have against us?

In the end we try to get to the port on our own feet, but find that the distance is much too far. We give up the plan and explore the city. We are particularly impressed by the old fortress and a canal with a procession of puppets.

We’re staying in town, but our time is running out. We make our way back to Seoul to complete our trip there.

There we will meet Jun and Miki again and take a trip to Suwon.

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