Dear Diary

You’re having an Albanian breakfast – they do that for us VIPs – slurping your rice, goulash soup and espresso, you’re thinking of nothing bad and suddenly Uwe realizes that it’s my birthday. Everyone is very surprised. Above all me. I don’t have a calendar in my head anymore, traveling is timeless.

Against my objections, they get it into their heads to organize a birthday cake for me during the day. It’s more important to me to have a really great day. And it will!

We’re still in Bogovë, where we got stranded last night, because it’s just not going any further in the dark. The place isn’t all that bad as it turns out. v

Rovena learns from our host that there is a small waterfall with a swimming pool not far from here. It is now 40°C every day, so any cooling is welcome. We’re on our way.

Although Rovena hasn’t been here yet, she really does have a good idea of where we need to go. There really aren’t any signs or markers that would help a tourist.

And so we are the only ones at this small waterfall with a few other Albanians. The water is icy, but with the planet burning around it, there’s nothing better!

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