Diary Entry

It was wonderful to travel through the island world by boat. Every now and then one saw a dolphin or flying fish sailed through the air in alarm. In the evening they moored at lonely islands again and let the day end with rum around the campfire.

On one island, the Tao even set up a full ball net next to the bamboo huts, which was a wonderful invitation to play.

On the main Tao island, attempts were made to run a farm and plant food.

With a lot of effort and the knowledge of the locals, papayas and sweet potatoes were grown and pigs, turkeys and chickens were raised.

On the last island we went on a trip through the inland, which turned out to be very difficult with our flip flops. In between I even hiked barefoot. In any case, we lacked the skills that Romy and Rey and also Jo Jo (from Banaue) had to easily cross any terrain with flip flops. Also, in contrast to the Filippinos, we were relatively cautious, as we had recently heard that there are cobras here as well.

However, we made it alive across the island, where our boat awaited us and finally brought us to El Nido in Palawan. Saying goodbye to the wonderful people and the luxurious Robinson life was difficult, but now this fascinating island awaited us. Palawan is the most pristine of the large islands in the Philippines and, due to the small number of inhabitants, also the least developed. We were excited.

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