🇮🇸 The Dettifoss and the End of the World

Diary Entry

Saying goodbye to Húsey is not easy. It’s just too idyllic there. But we also want to see further and so many other things. The whales are still waiting for us in Húsavik. But before that, there are other things on our list. To do this, however, we need gasoline.

Arrogant as we are, we decided not to refuel our half-full tank in the next larger town, Egilsstaðir. Now, however, we realize in which remote area we are actually and that the civilization in the north of Iceland is much less dense. Almost hardly existent. Accordingly, there are hardly any settlements at all and virtually no gas stations.

The farmer from Húsey recommends a gas pump on the edge of the ring road. We find them too, but they refuse to give us petrol. We’re probably acting very stupid too, because the description is in Icelandic and the automated system wants to be prepaid by credit card.

We continue growling and have a queasy feeling that we will soon be stranded in the vastness of the icy land. The amount of snow around us has increased enormously. Now we really have the impression that we have arrived in winter. This is only the north side of the island.

We make a detour to another colossus in the world of waterfalls. The Dettifoss. We drive down one street from the ring road and through the snow we need the capabilities of four-wheel drive again.

A thick sheet of ice covers the path. At isolated ice holes we notice that we are currently marching across a deep lake, and we hope for the stability of our subsurface.

Finally, under the noise of the breaking water, we come to Dettifoss. The weather is overcast and with the snow-covered ground the black and white backdrop takes on something surreal. We are deeply impressed by this pristine nature.

The road ends here. We had hoped to be able to continue from here to Húsavik, but we have to go back to the ring road and decide to drive to Myvatn and Dimmu Borgir.

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