Diary Entry

We saw the falls that have faces. From there we head east; since the beginning of our journey on the Panamericana we have always been traveling north.

But now we make a detour to visit the much vaunted place of Baños and beyond that the Pailon del Diablo.

Day 5 without a Breakdown

The resort has been completely taken over by tourists. There are either waterfall or zipline tours, restaurants, and souvenir shops around every corner.

And there is even a “Hostal Düsseldorf”. We won’t last long here.

The place takes its name from the hot springs that exist here and feed numerous thermal baths. If this is a spa town then only the princely hotels and casinos are missing, but the place caters more to adventure tourists than to rich retirees.

We eat something, cover Leon with a poncho and visit a place called Caverna Sigsi Huayco. According to the pictures, there is a remarkable cave here.

The remarkable cave also exists, but in reality it is a but nicely decorated grotto with a nice garden. We pay admission and are allowed to enter the property.

After all, from the end of the garden we have a great view down into the deep valley. I also propose free drinks for us, because entry is relatively expensive at 4 dollars per person.

In the grotto we find the face of the god of blood next to tastefully installed lighting. The god greets us with a booming voice and demands a conversation with Leon, the god of destruction. Leon never tells me what the two gods have to discuss, but I’m only an unworthy mortal.

Our daily program is almost over. However, we do not want to stay in one of the expensive hotels in town, but in our car at the foot of a special waterfall, the Pailón del Diablo. Although it doesn’t have a face, it falls spectacularly down a narrow gorge.

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