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Currency: Schweizer Franken
Capital: Bern

Drink like a local: Rivella (whey lemonade)


  • Cheese and chocolate are legendary in Switzerland. Fondue or raclette are dishes from Switzerland with which you can take cheese (or chocolate) to another level.
  • Switzerland is torn between its neutrality and the global crises that are testing the western and democratic world.
  • The Swiss are armed to the teeth. Be it the large arsenal of weapons, the fact that every male Swiss is automatically a reservist until he is 40 or the way the Alps are riddled with holes for bunkers like cheese – Switzerland has always felt threatened by its “big neighbors”. Nowadays, the threat from neighbors has receded and the Swiss are asking themselves who is still the “enemy”.
  • Banks, insurance companies, luxury watches – the Alpine republic has focused on expensive services and is not without reason one of the most expensive places in the world.
  • ETH Zurich is one of the ten best universities in the world. The place where Albert Einstein studied.
  • Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in the world.
  • Switzerland prides itself on its direct democracy, which has operated consistently there since the 1830s. There is no president, but a Federal Council made up of seven members who are directly elected by the Swiss. Referendums are the order of the day. On the other hand, women’s suffrage was only introduced in 1971!
  • Switzerland is an alliance of regions that call themselves cantons and together form the ice cream cooperative. Appenzell was the last canton to join in 1513.


The topic of language is exciting in Switzerland. Theoretically, small Switzerland is a multi-ethnic state. There is a French part, an Italian part and the majority speaks German. Swiss German differs significantly from Standard German and is defended almost militantly by the Swiss. Thirdly, in the east of Switzerland there is also the very exotic Romansh. You won’t even find this language on Google Translate:


A group of Romance languages in Switzerland and Italy is referred to as Romansh languages – also Ladin, Rhaeto-Friulian or Alpine Romansh – namely Grisons Romansh, Dolomites Ladin and Friulian.

– Wikipedia


Switzerland is like an island within Europe and also the Euro area. The Swiss franc is a strong currency and has survived the crises of the last few decades without major fluctuations or inflation.

  • Good day – Grüezi
  • Can I open an account with you? – Cha ich bei ihnen ein Konto eröffnen?
  • What time is it? – Wie schpot isch es?
  • How are you? – Wiä gohts der?
  • Did you understand? – Häsch es tschägget?

My lesson:

Switzerland is a paradise that you have to be able to afford

Travel Diaries

I spent a large part of my youth in Switzerland because my grandparents and my aunt live there. The high mountains, the silence at altitude, the spicy smell of the meadows full of thyme, marjoram and oregano – all of this is an important part of me. I’m like Heidi: when I’m in Switzerland I always feel good.

Now I’m an adult and getting to know Switzerland again. The places I used to see as a child are suddenly not as far away as they seemed back then. And unknown areas are now easily accessible – with the Tiger!



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