Currency: Lek
Capital: Tirana

Alcohol: Rakia

Special Facts:

  • The country of the craziest drivers in the world
  • The Mercedes is worshiped as a deity. Nobody drives another car
  • Skanderbeg is also worshiped as a god. The only national hero is present everywhere
  • Very cheap country
  • Extremely hospitable country (2nd place after Iran)
  • The streets are completely broken
  • Everywhere there is cheap and extremely delicious espresso
  • The country is littered with bunkers
  • The country has noticeable influence from the Balkans, Italy, Greece and Turkey


You can go a long way with Italian. But we learn a few terms with Google in Albanian that should bring us some sympathy points:

  • Good afternoon – mirëdita
  • Hello – përshëndetje
  • Thank you – falëmenderint
  • How are you? – si jeni
  • Excuse me – justifikim
  • Goodbye – mirupafshim
  • Cheers – gesua


There are also many exchange shops across the country. The official currency is the lek with a rate of about 132:1 to the euro (as of August 2017). However, the euro itself is often accepted as a means of payment. The other currency can always be obtained in the exchange offices and the euro is not as affected by inflation as the lek.

Albanians say that the religion of Albanians is Albanian

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