Diary Entry

Our bellies are filled with olives. The chapter of our journey changes again. The last time we were alone in nature.

Now we drive into the barren interior and encounter the ancient heritage of South America. We don’t know yet that the time of the lonely beaches is already over.

At noon we reach Chauchilla. There is a necropolis from before the Incas. 200-900 AD the dead were buried here, sitting and tied up in graves under the ground. There are hardly any records of the people who lived here. There weren’t many. Unfortunately, most of the graves were so plundered and abused that the archaeologists had to find and place the individual bones somehow.

No one can tell which head belongs to whom. Still, it’s an interesting sight. In the afternoon we arrive in the city of Nazca. We stay the night there to visit the famous lines the next morning.

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