Diary Entry

After the eventful day with the ocean, pretty girls and pelicans we continue along the Panamericana. The road runs close to the water and sand dunes reach over the road. The wind blows strongly and blows the sand into every crack. The road gets slippery, but then it leaves the ocean and heads inland.

Where before it had a weird mix of the heat of the tropics and the chill of the ocean, now it’s just getting hot. The desert reigns around us. It is dry. Dunes pile up on one side, dry gravel stretches to the horizon on the other.

We come again through a green valley, a wide oasis where olive trees have been planted. Again, pretty girls greet Leon again. This part of Peru has its merits.

We buy three kilos from our own production and munch the best olives on our way for an hour. We need them to strengthen ourselves, because we are now going to the dead.

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