Diary Entry

With a wonderful sunrise we leave our sleeping place on the pasture land. On the map I see a small place on the river called Porto Figueira. We didn’t manage to set up camp there the day before, but we can certainly have breakfast there. We only have to drive half an hour to get to the small, sleepy town by the huge river. The natural shore is beautiful but too steep to set up our breakfast there.

So we try somewhere else and find a small park with tables and benches overlooking the river and nobody but us. We couldn’t find it more ideally.

While Sara is preparing the fruit for Leon and I am making my coffee, a man from the hall next door comes up to us. He introduces himself in English as Pedro and the owner of the building.

He is happy that we have come to this place from Germany (7:1) and invites us to his fishing clubhouse. So that’s behind the hall.

He likes to chatter and seems to have few victims. He has two sons who are studying. Brazilian tourists come here who like to fish in the river.

Pedro shows us boats and the hoists to bring the boats from the upper areas of the concourse to ground level and launch them. He shows us a photo of what the village used to look like and the house where he lives.

Pedro gives us the WiFi password and apologizes for not providing us with the sanitary facilities.

At noon we decide to continue to Porto Camargo and the bridge over the ParanΓ‘ River.

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