Diary Entry

We leave the Cape of Wrath and turn back to the idyllic south. We turn south and this time cover many kilometers at once.

On the way we stop at the „Falls of Shin„, which is said to be famous for its abundance of salmon. We didn’t see a single salmon, but a completely burned down visitor center.

We decide to spend the night in the small coastal town of Dornoch and again find shelter with an old lady. We don’t know if the lady is too trusting or we are, because her accommodation looks like a witch’s house.

We take a long walk along the endless sandy beach and hope to survive the night.

At Clynelish we are now doing our third tour of a distillery – after all, as „Friends of Single Malt“ we are welcome guests everywhere. However, we find that the guides decide little from each other.

The principles are the same everywhere, the differences are in the details and at the end of the day, all we care about is getting free tasting glasses of whisky.

Passing Dunrobin Castle we finally reach the „Sixteen men of Tain„, who call themselves the guardians of the Glenmorangie whiskey recipes.

Glenmorangie is famous for its mild character, said to be due to the distillery having the tallest stills of any Scottish distillery. Incidentally, a woman has now also cheated her way into the “Sixteen men”. Despite this, the slogan “handcrafted by the sixteen man and the one woman of Tain”, which is not very catchy, has been abandoned for understandable reasons.

For this we do without a tasting in this distillery. As an exception, the guided tours and tastings of the products are not free here. Also, the distillery shop resembles more of a Douglas shop than a solid whiskey sale. We distance ourselves, because the Dalmore distillery is already waiting for us just around the corner and there they are again very generous with free samples of numerous vintages.

The next stop is the legendary Loch Ness. – Chris & Alex



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