Diary Entry

I reached the Engadin via the difficult Maloja Pass. The serpentines were tough and I would be happy not to have any more passes in front of me. But the Julier Pass still separates me from my destination. Today I want to reach Flims in the Imboden region.

I drive along Lake Sils through the Engadin. St. Moritz is directly in front of me, but for me I head west up the Julier Pass.

Silsersee in Engadin

The streets are empty

The Julier Pass is an Alpine pass in Switzerland that connects the valley of Oberhalbstein with the Engadine. The pass’s history can be traced back to Roman times, when it served as an important traffic artery1. The modern route to the pass goes back to the road built between 1820 and 18261. The pass has a peak height of 2284 m above sea level. M. and runs along the European Watershed between the Rhine and Danube catchment areas1.

While the pass played an important role in trade and the connection between Oberhalbstein and Engadine in the Middle Ages and modern times, today it is a popular destination for tourists and mountaineers1. The pass road is open all year round and offers a scenic route with relatively flat sections that are repeatedly interrupted by short “stairs” with some steeper bends1.

Legend has it that the name “Julier” comes from the Romansh word “Giulia”, which means “jewel”. According to legend, a shepherd once found a valuable gemstone on the pass1.


Compared to the Maloja Pass, it is almost relaxed here. It certainly looks different during the day and in high season, but the curves are not as tight.

After the pass I am finally in the Rhaeto-Roman Graubünden. I come through the picturesque valley of Oberhalbstein. The sun has now set and it is quickly getting dark.

It’s late, it’s getting dark and I’ve been out all day. Was I still with the tent at the Lukmanier Pass this morning? Did I have lunch in Lugano? Did I drive through Italy? So many impressions in one day.

Now I save myself any more stops – unless a landscape forces me to take a photo. But it quickly becomes too dark for that. When I reach Flims it is night and I am looking forward to a break.

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