Diary Entry

After the spontaneous visit of the national hero William Tell, I leave Altdorf and enter the valley that leads into the Gotthard massif. In the distance I see the large highway that leads to the 57 kilometer long road tunnel. One lane appears to be closed and traffic is backed up.

The route is beautiful, even if the sun is already disappearing behind the high mountains. On the narrow road there is hardly any opportunity to stop and take photos. In any case, I have to refuel again before I dive into the world of mountain passes.

The road becomes increasingly narrower near Gรถschenen until the curves turn into demanding serpentines.

At least the tracks were laid out generously at this point.

Just when I think that I’m about to drive in the dark, I reach the altitude and drive through the small town of Andermatt. The sun is still shining brightly here. I have reclaimed the day.

Here the paths diverge again. The road continues south to Italy. I turn east and choose the route to the Oberalp Pass.

I’m pretty much alone on the street and enjoying the nice weather. And so I continue to fight my way up and soon reach the dam of the Oberalp Pass. The bright red Rhaetian mountain railway offers me a race.

I stop at the Piz Calmut restaurant for photos and rub my eyes when I see the lighthouse.

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