A Sri Lanka Family Adventure (2024)

A Sri Lanka Family Adventure

Normally I go out on adventures alone, but of course I also want to show my son the world full of wonders. Sri Lanka is a small, manageable island where the influences of India and Indochina meet. The people are happy to have children, the country is safe, but still promises adventure as it has not yet been exploited by tourism like Thailand, for example.

That was my assumption. And it was confirmed. We travelled to Negombo and stayed there for two nights to get used to the country.

Leon’s godmother Shima, Sara’s mother Ethi and Aunt Maryam traveled with us so that we could share the childcare.

We took the train through the land of the Sinhalese to the beautiful beaches of the south. We visited the impressive Buddha temples and went on safari to see leopards, elephants and bears. We drove through the mountains full of tea to the holy rock of Sagirya and arrived in the north of Sri Lanka, the Tamils. We ended in the capital city of Colombo. This trip fulfilled all our expectations of adventure and child-friendliness, so we went on another unforgettable, wild trip with Leon.

A Sri Lanka Expedition with a Toddler (2024)

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