Diary Entry

We have a decent stretch ahead of us. After our two days in Negombo we want to go to the beautiful beaches of the south of the island. But to do this we have to overcome a great distance. The options are the regular bus, the train or an expensive taxi. The bus is too small and cramped for us for the long journey. The train is cheap. There are three classes. But there are only a few luxury class trains.

We decide on a 10am train and second class as there is no first class at that time. That can’t be bad, can it?

But first we have to get from Negombo to Colombo by taxi. The train station is located in the old town and was housed in the old fortress. That’s why the terminal is called “Colombo Fort“.

We take second class on the train. What could possibly go wrong?

We have to show the tickets when entering the station.

For 1st class you have to book tickets online, for classes 2 and 3 you can only buy tickets at the counter. Are they booked up quickly?

As soon as the taxi releases us into the hustle and bustle of the crowd, I immediately get in line to hopefully get good seats. But that doesn’t exist for the 2nd grade!

We started early and still have time until our train arrives. Sara and I wander through the train station to buy a few snacks for the journey. In the kiosk we find strange seeds wrapped in banana leaves. A man explains to us that you chew these nuts and spit them out. I suspect they are betel nuts.

Different country, different snacks

There aren’t that many people waiting on the platform. It is Saturday. Hopefully not many people take the train these days if they don’t have to work. Every now and then one or two trains stop on our track, but no one gets on. Our train is apparently late, but there is no announcement.

The train station gives me the feeling of having traveled back in time to the 1960s.

It wasn’t until later that I found out how people know exactly when the delayed Coastline train arrives. There are more or less reliable reports about train connections via the RDMNS.lk website and app. This train always seems to be about an hour late.

But suddenly hundreds of people appear out of nowhere. Where do they come from? What do they want on our train? Everyone rushes towards the opening doors. Backpackers from Austria kindly help us get our things into one of the wagons.

The train will be full to the brim in just a few minutes. Where do people all want to go on the weekend? It seems like people are visiting their families in the coastal towns.

It’s not just cramped because of all the passengers. Every five minutes someone squeezes through wanting to sell bananas, pastries or water.

At least we managed to get a place where Maryam and Leon can sit. The little one falls asleep quickly. The heat in the train car isn’t helping his fever much. But he is brave and doesn’t complain.

We can see the sea from the windows. The railway line follows the coast down to Galle.

Sara can’t take it anymore and wants to get out. We have to find out what alternatives there are. We get out in the town of Ambalangoda and hope to find a taxi.

Sara finds a driver, but she gets ripped off by the price. Later, a local recommended the β€œPickMe” app to me. This works like Uber, but is cheaper.

Despite the unnecessarily high fare of 25 euros instead of 16 euros, we are happy that we can now sit and be taken comfortably to the front door of our new accommodation.

We will stay in Mirissa for the next ten days. The small town is no longer considered an insider tip, but is ideal for a longer stay with children.

Beaches, palm trees, coconuts and even blue whales are waiting for us!

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