Will I die – or will I start to finally live?

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

We follow a ritual every day. Everyone has their own, however similar these rituals are. We get up, maybe do some sports, read the news, have breakfast, go to work and greet the people along the way who accompany us on our daily journey. We have our daily chores and spend the day with the same people. Together you look forward to the end of the day, which you spend with sports, friends or Netflix. What day is today? Is it Friday again? Is the week over yet? Is it Christmas again? But your child grew up. Oh, is she already two years old? Time flies so fast.

Time flies too quickly for me. Let us remember back. When did the time not pass quickly? When we were kids. The time as a child was exciting because we experienced something new every day. The world was magic and adventure. We experienced the stories of Pipi Langstrumpf, Tom Sawyer, Atreju or Ronja RΓ€ubertochter ourselves. A dragon and evil cowboys lived in every forest. The age, education and responsibility are coming and before we can fight back like Peter Pan to grow up, we have arrived in the predetermined cycle of society, follow the rules and no longer hear the clock ticking. Time flies so quickly that this time indicating device would only be a background noise if we bothered to listen to it. We mutate into zombies, and as food we seek entertainment that briefly lifts us out of our lethargic life, but without leaving our comfort zone. Without noticing it, we no longer run and jump, we are lying in bed on the drip and intravenously do everything our life needs without having to make a great effort. Through the window of the Internet and television, we perceive that another world exists out there. A world of jungles, volcanoes and oceans, ice and deserts, war and poverty. We know that this world is there, but for us it is as real as an old Die-Hard film. We know the pictures and have seen them several times. But does it make it real? No, we are not part of this world and do not touch, taste, hear or smell it. Unless suddenly refugees shop in our supermarket. Then we are concerned that we should share our comfort zone.

The way is given to people from the west of the middle class. After the school career comes the job, a partnership, marriage, children, work until retirement and the rest of the hobbies that have kept all the time waiting. And all of this, provided there is no accident, no accident, no illness, no bankruptcy or no unemployment.

People can be very different. For some this is the fulfillment of their life. They don’t ask the question “why” or “what for”. That’s life, why should you worry about it? This is most people’s world, my friends’ world, my own brother’s world.

I am different. I feel like I’m in a golden cage. I have everything I need. But what are the benefits of my existence in this world? I can’t stand this hamster wheel. Live to work, work to live. And in the meantime, you consume oxygen and live at the expense of wildlife, forests and the earth’s earth without giving anything back.

If you get a room, you have to leave it in a nicer condition than you got it. Everyone should leave this planet in better shape than it was when it was born.

It’s time to get up and loosen the tubes of intravenous food and entertainment. It’s time to get out of the comfort zone bed and into the world I saw out the window. It is time to be responsible and independent. It is time to give up the state of comfortable infirmity and start real life.

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