Why change all you have for nothing?

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

Why would you do that?

All of us are living in our safe places and enjoy the comfort. We love travels and count the days until we have vacation to get started to a new exciting destination. The time is limited, though, so you have to think about what to see carefully.

Our idea is to overcome this limitation. Not to have the fix date in the calendar anymore, when the time is over and the return to home is on schedule.

We have well paid jobs, that a lot of people would envy us for, beautiful apartments with ideal locations in the heart of DΓΌsseldorf, the number six of cities with the best quality in living, according to Mercer (https://mobilityexchange.mercer.com/Insights/quality-of-living-rankings). Why would we leave all that behind?

Because we are curious. Like you are, because you are reading this. You and us, we have this drive to get out of the box and to see more, to explore, to discover the magic of this world with our own senses.

The decision that you will leave comes to you in just a moment. We all have thought about it, didn’t we? Taking action is hard. Because the sweet seductive voice in our head tells us to take the backpack and just go now. The dream, which has been screened in The secret life of Walter Mitty and many more moves before, is to leave the office and go out to the world. No one ever tells the story of all the things you have to do to go on a long term journey without losing all your money on your living costs at home. And that’s for most people the deal breaker, this is what makes most people hesitate and reconsider their decision. The rough idea of all the things that would have to be done is terrifying. We are so wired into this network of job, real estates, hobbies and social life, that we would have to cut all these straps to finally get free… But what comes then? The moment we are free, we are alone, the connections we built for years kept us safe and now we are on our own. This is in our minds, for months, for the long time we make our preparations. To be honest, it sucks!

You need more time get rid of the stuff you have than to prepare for the actual journey!

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