Diary Entry

I’m on a spontaneous tour with the Tiger through the Alps. The journey to Lucerne was surprisingly dull, but afterwards the landscape changed extremely for the better. Behind Lucerne I enter the Alps and the light of late September covers the mountains in the most beautiful colors.

Work traffic is slowly increasing as people drive home from Lucerne. But I prefer that to Sunday traffic with hordes of other motorcyclists.

I get to Lauerzesee and have to stop to take a photo of the beautiful Insel Schwanau. There seems to be a restaurant there that you can get to by ferry. I can imagine it being extremely crowded here on a nice weekend.

Mountains, lakes and sun – that’s how you find Switzerland in the travel guide

I have no plan where I’m going to sleep tonight, even though it’s already well into the day. But I’m free and I’m sure I’ll find a nice spot for me and my tent.

Traffic is jammed at the entrance to a village. As I pass the center of the small town I inevitably have to stop and squeeze out of the traffic. A man with a crossbow with a boy with an apple in his hand? That has to be William Tell. The story of the shooter became world famous through Friedrich Schiller’s drama in 1804. However, it is not clear whether William Tell actually existed. The climax of the story took place in Altdorf in the canton of Uri, because it was here that Tell was forced to shoot the apple from his son’s head.

The statue was created by Richard Kissling in 1895 and stands on Tellplatz in Altdorf. The choice of this location underlines the historical and cultural importance of Tell in the region. The statue of William Tell in Altdorf serves as a monument to the values of freedom, courage and resistance to oppression that are associated with the figure of William Tell.

Of course, I immortalize myself and the tiger in this historically memorable place before I move on. Then I leave Lake Lucerne and dive deep into the Alpine landscape. The route is used by all travelers who want to go to Italy, as it goes over the Gotthard.

I see the highway below me as I take the arduous, winding route to get to the top. Many switchbacks later I will come to Andermatt and from there straight to the next mountain passes.



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